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benches, chutes, trucks, etc., of all meats from carcasses that have not been microscopic-
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selection and management of stallion for southern breeding 255
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MEDICINE — Intensive Course, two weeks, starting Oc-
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with calcification in it and, therefore, it was appar-
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ties: Barry, Barton, Christian. Dade, Dallas, Greene, Hickory,
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must also l)c used. In such operations the surt-'eoii often has the op-
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is implied by the law of isodynamic replacement means, of course,
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Buchanan 1 H. E. Petersen St. Joseph Joseph L. Fisher St. Joseph
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with the county medical societies, they are conduct-
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or otherwise unfit for human food, under authority conferred upon the Secretary of
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and the patient was returned to the ward in very good condition. She died
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reflexes were exaggerated ; marked general hypersesthesia was present.
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Biopsy of this tumor revealed a squamous cell cancer.
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metastasis is increasing in size the patient is other-
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W. A. Bloom, M.D., Fayette; O. T. Blanke, M.D., Joplin;
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the Department is to be given a law under which it can supervise and control the con-
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a systolic blow that was well transmitted. The pulses were synchronous
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Kiiilidcii"s cxpi riiiiiiils arc cipially convincini;. lie studied the forma-
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significant situational factors which appeared suffi-
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is largely due to the close proximity of the nnderlying aorta.
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ting down the author’s own method of procedure with-
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infested with roundworm parasites if kept on a clean board floor
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carcass can only minimize and not eliminate the danger.
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svstem. it is not on the ner\ > fillers liial liie cpiiiepliiiiie nnlolds its
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stetrical procedures is available to medical groups.
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systolic pressure is highly different from the effect
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The first inspection under these regulations was in New York City
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