tenderness extend to the region of the stomach and down the

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against sickness. Any scheme which will increase his self re-

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to escape. With the exception of some slight suppuration about the

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Sid. New plaster-of-Paris applied, as one put on yesterday had

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Asiatic cholera, yellow fever. Oriental sore or boil, endemic hsematuria,

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tumor through the oesophagus to the stomach and engraftment upon its

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canal, narrow strips of sublimate gauze were carried down the canal as far as

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Experience has shown that the anemic, emaciated and toxic patient

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cles of the portal system, explanation of the proneness of this

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in existence about nine months. X-ray examination was negative.

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number of those who hold that chlorosis is characterized by a normal,

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and Monographs, and Text-books of the leading American and Foreign

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Although in his preface the author says : " I have found the work of

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troubles, especially constipation, which often follow an attack of parame-


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