brought it to the elevated condition in which he finds it.

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adapted to arteries of the first magnitude. Torsion on the other

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present. Similarly the cells of the pancreatic gland are

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The horse may then become gradually comatose responding

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was later opened but owing to numerous adhesions and abundant

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number of erythrocytes and in percentage of hemoglobin. The leuko

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provements in sanitary ways of handling meat and meal products.

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pages to the eye symptoms and four pages to the chest

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such was the fact. The third doctrine affirmed that hemorrhage from the

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of the spine either to reduce contractures or to loosen the muscles

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it does not explain altogether the action of peptone injected into

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In this remarkable case there was loss of muscular action follow

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terior border of the last molar and terminating at the median

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definite conclusions from the war regarding pulmonary

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ful when considered impartially by an intelligent publie.

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dent of the American Colonization Society and for one

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Clinical observation in cases of lupus and of laryngeal

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Board of Health and as a former member and Secretary of the State

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Mr. Geokoe Turner late Medical Officer of Health Portsmouth writes A

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and allowed to dry and the place is then protected by a dry


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