regret was expressed by several speakers at the leaving out of
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MotJimm, M.D.. Clinical Instructor m Di s ea ses of
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to tears again, and her eyes became as bad as ever . 1
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penetrates to some extent into the subjacent tissues, exert-
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action, without specially acting upon the cerebro-spinal nervous system. — Phil. Trans.,
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view naturally suggests the therapeutic use of atropia, which has accordingly
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cent, of the cases. It came on late in the disease, its earliest occurrence
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Stanley operated in a case of hernia on the 31st ult., on J. P., aged 42. The
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PuscHMANN (1891), History of Medical Education. London
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injuries and diseases of joints. They will in this way do
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treated in a variety of ways, internally and externally,
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the urethra. If small enough to pass down through the ureter
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the right parietal bone obliquely about three-quarters of an inch from
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of which said mortal wound the said Whalen then and
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infectious fever of childhood. The offensive fetid odor and severe constitu-
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Fig. 4*5. Vertical section through the vail of an ovarian cyst, showing the papil-
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tubes, containing oil-globules. The vessels and Malpighian
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teen hours aft(r the first symptoms had appeared. In thirty
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Cervantes, who are both of them very accurate observers of
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the head by rabid ones, a rapid and fatal rabies occurred
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removal. I saw him yesterday, and Found his Coot as I have described;
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22. A Three-way Stop-cock for use in washing out the stomach.
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Four months later the patient was examined, and the
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There is one very strong indication. A number of the gentlemen
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in this disease and relapsing fever are important in differential diagnosis from ydlow
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future time to report the results of his researches along this line.
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practically recipes handed down in the family through its traditions.
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disease. It is noteworthy in one case (P.M. 6) that secretion in the
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prevalence of typhoid fever throughout the country.
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on the 19th of June, and was for some time sick with
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health, and consequently, any thing difficult of digestion taken
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appreciated by those engaged in obstetrical practice.
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should be given to teachers to prepare for the new de-
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at a time, or not using it in small quantiiies and at
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diathesis, drugs appropriate to such conditions are indicated.
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and heavy guns, and converted into an almost impassable slough
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