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One of the most general causes of unthrift to farmers, as 'well as reasons why
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cleidomastoid ; the muscles and skin were drawn aside bringing
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of the mother denoted foetal death had we any positive
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been placed, and he altered absolutely the general treatment. His
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one filling the space on either side which is left between the two bellies of
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extract, aromatic extract or the dry extract. Its action is
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ing history : In Durkheim, at a time when there was no other
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light that in looking at the eye in ordinary daylight the observer's atten-
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1 casnneb, H. B. 2 bepsen, B. 3 gecnocobe, B. 4 anne, B.
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in a well-ventilated, sunny, and clean room. All bedding, towels, hand-
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CLXIX. Ovarian dVopsy— Perforation of the descending colon from without
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in value in regard to their solvent value upon uric acid.
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quito. The disease should be notifiable. Infants and children


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