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— works presenting sound principles and the results of wide ex-
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* E. Delorme, Treatise on War Surgery, vol. i., p. 553.
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being appointed by the supervisors as visiting surgeon.
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of these six scientists would report unmistakable benefit, if not
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Dr. McLeod married, December 10, 1837, Sarah Boice, daughter
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bone is separated in the joint without splintering, divided
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In many eases of chronic muscular rheumatism constitutional treatment
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In T8S7 certain of the leading physicians of Buffalo,
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would have come to him by a similar period of general private prac-
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1900. — "Report of Three Cases of Ligation of the Internal Jugular for Septic
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W. G. Reynolds) (Annals of Surg., Phila., 1898, Vol. 28, 435-454).
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Second Type : This is a fracture with large splinters sub-
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the year following married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Henry R.
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nify, as, contrary to all of his former experience, he had stopped
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are, after all, rare in proportion to the great majority, which from the first
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ments, who was a member of the celebrated Virginia Con-
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supervision was published a volume of Transactions, in 1817. He
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School, later attending the Michigan State Normal College. He
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retro-auricular route after petro-mastoid clearing out.
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New York and Philadelphia : Boericke and Tafel. Fascicle
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entered upon the study of medicine at the University of Michigan
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presented in the afternoon, were discussed in an intelligent and
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Dr. G. R. Southwick has removed to 136 Boylston Street. He will make a
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contact shock, through detonation of the charge in front.
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Howells and James continue their serials ; " Ivory Black" has a
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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,
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it is often associated with emaciation, hut nevertheless its extraordinary in-
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the winter course of lectures was lost. He was graduated
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In the last epidemic of typhoid, which brought our Rothschild
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the main building with the new wing in a proper manner, it
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The treatment, however, which tends strongly to the " heroic,"
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but I considered that ere this she ought to have been cured and
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surgeon of the Inman steamship "City of Chicago," which is more metaphysical
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other " rheumatogenous influences." Persons who have -already had one at-
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in stomach or bowels ; from eight to twelve stools in twenty-
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sensation and of motility caused by arterial contusion ;
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The remedies which I gave on these last two days were helle-
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most of the individual dressings in use in different armies,
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be very powerful. Under his treatment, the patient grew con-
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Medical Men, the Physicians' Mutual Aid Association, and the
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which fact, to be sure, may be owing to the remarkably cool
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the Town and Gown, Country, and the University. In religion he


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