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nal will be connnenced on the 5tli of February next. It is hoped that
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The essays are upon important topics, such as the laws dctfrmining
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tory process, remove them by washing and destroy the poisonous or
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I'oad to some distant liospital, sulijected to needless torture on tlie
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Hospital on the oth of February, 18G2. Thirteen months before
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was given in one of the cases, in which rhenmatisra had existed.
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chitis, chronic eczema, and chorea of dogs ; and in rickets,
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sistant of Herr Hofrath Rokitansky, gave the following result.
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iij .i-ure on the value of land ; and as in this country, both in Lon-
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rated residue is heated with charcoal to remove O from K I
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Heart and Blood Vessels. — Barium chloride makes the
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The bodies of our dead had been collected after the battle, and
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lescence are rare. From this fact we may infer how rarely wanton desertion from
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consequently, that I cannot conclude this paper better than by point-
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pounds of the metal existing in the nucleoalbumins of food,
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the inner side of the knee-joint. The patient was four days expos-
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or in connection with other syphilitic affections of the common in-
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scratches, the zinc oxide ointment is valuable and can be
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Dec. 11th. the Rcirimcnt joined the CJoklsboro' expedition, in light
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Further Observations in reyard to tJie Cerebro-sj>inal Affection occurring
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the American student, who has little opportmiity of receiving clini-
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(a) Galactagogues are drugs increasiag the flow of milk.
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likewise augmented by mustard. It is thus a stomachic,
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among the monopolists that they declared themselves bankrupt, and
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Emvlsum, pi. Eiaulsa. — Emulsions are similar to mix-
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are found generally among those who drag out a weary existence at
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ing obstruction of the lungs, it is impossible to lose sight of the
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peritonitis. These readily yielded to opium, but the abdominal dis-
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one. For the last month the regiment has been doing guard duty iu
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^evaporation, so that 1 Cc. = 1 Gm. of the crude drug.
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and weighing four ounces. This had been thoroughly impacted in
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markably good results, in the treatment of intestinal ob-
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tween 40 and 60 years, 15— above 60 years, 9. Bom in the United States, 57— Ii'clajid, 17 —
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remained closed as long the finger remained iu contact with it. These
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Ca3 2P0, + 2 H, SO, = Ca H, 2 PO, (acid calcium phos-
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years. Mr. Series's method was that followed by M. Artigues without any Toriation ;
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enced, by moderate doses of sodium salicylate, or salicylic
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of the perinseum, &c., that the fatty acids thus formed give rise to a
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— and at times insoluble salts— cause gastro-enteritis in
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'• In cases where the disease is permanent, and nothing; can be gained by longer


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