Moths in Carpets. Wring a coar se towel out of clear water

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size. Having heated it it should be inserted well into the

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Among other contributions to veterinary literature to issue

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was appointed to take charge of the anatomy and physiology

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writes that the doctor gives himself the best training in

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were small but varied somewhat in size and in some places were

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in this organ. On applying the electric current to the abdomen the

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of hydatids in the groin. Dupuytren nearly took a cyst of this

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and with two exceptions which were lost sight of all became preg

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ship or his oflBcial position in the association demanded of him

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showed more leukocytes than others but in none was there an excess

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same secretion on dead and on living matter for which we

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obtaining graphic records the second for radioscopy the third for electro cardio

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comparative pain and fever before and after the formation of

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and lateral to the sacral hiatus Ave locate the fifth foramen. Between

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The foregoing statistics indicate the character of the distribution of

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marked Fahr. On being questioned he said he had had

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um or home of the patient. Autopsy records in different

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Hydatidiform degeneration of the chorionic villi and

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is not the fact and that craniotomy will not infrequently be

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minute. The bowels were constipated a condition which

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occasionallv nli i rvcd in this disease. This.afTcction

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abscess may be present both in early and in less recent


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