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from the twelfth London edition. Phila. Lindsay amp
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number of discharges for this class of affections for the first year
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stimulating. You must thoroughly relax all of the muscles along the
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if Dr. Davis s measure was adopted the usefulness and attendance of
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of the organism against microbic invasion notably in sncb diseases
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hemorrhages may be expected with certainty. Therefore it is al
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The following are the author s recommendations for the
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died after imprudence from this cause. The occurrence of perforation
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Cocndl of Sheffield Medical Officer of Health for the Borough for a
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attacks the fore legs farriers call it chest founder
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Pneumonia. The incidence of fibrinous and bronchocatarrhal
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tality is little short of with an average of new cases
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the blood of rats infected with trypanosomes yielded a satisfactory antigen.


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