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whole country or population. The special causes wiiich give rise to contagious
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intense nuclear fragmentation, and many free nuclei are seen. These cells
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every patient population, it is no longer a topic of interest
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Chloroma and its Relation to Leuksemia. By George Dock,
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While normal senile arterio-sclerosis is a general and uniform process,
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parent differences do not depend upon its not being always
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was removed along with the tumour, wltich weighed 9 .b. 8 oz.
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with the point of the instrument to an extent sufficient for
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feeling and feared it might get worse during the night,
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realization of the pathological unity of diverse symptom-groups due
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3. M'LoiighUn, G. S., . . 5243 i 8. Brav, G. A. T., . . 4SoO
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A decided elevation of temperature, though it does not of course
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which injections were given in an hour is 49.4 per cent. In these
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>me children at the ninth month are but little more developed than others at
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ring to the reports, the patient, though previously tossing and rest-
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initial symptom of an attack of that disease, no further indisposition followed.
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To sum up, then, the main points relating to the pathology
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exciting causes were combined, as in foot-ball, albumi-
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this vital problem. They feel the need*of uniformity of text books, and
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accompanied by an early discharge of mucus and afterward
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right leg pained him when it was moved. Temperature 100.2°.
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at King's College Hospital ; but, on turning to the
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A young man, who had been cured before of very extensive
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without rotation occurring at all, or only after much severe
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sitting posture. The duration of this mingled labour and rest was from
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I met this officer accidentally at his friend*s house, in Mar-
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do, but is easily cut and dissolved. Mr. Whitehead has just
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of any distress the forehead is wrinkled. Lower jaw is prominent ; over-hanging
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be guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject to be indicted and
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latation was daiiy performed and continued for a long
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entirely in the world. (See also a case in the same volume, p. 1007 ; and ■
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have been put into force : compulsory notification ; prohibition
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the diseased viscus is commonly fenced about and protected by
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pneumonia was satisfactory and her general condition fair. On
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into consideration when present if the condition of
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ful condition of the circulating fluid is altered, and consequently the
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irony," and his brightly intelligent watchful air. This very intelli-
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slumbered with the soundness of a primitive cave-dweller, with


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