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in reported cases. As far as is known to me these three authors

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such subjects as the regulation of rest and exercise

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think that our experience justifies us in continuing to use the con

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sufficient cortical irritation to give rise to cortical convulsions.

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afterwards. Kccmpfer mentions three species of the furube or tetrodon vir

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were at that time done only in cases seriously ill.

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The inference deduced from these cases is that as three

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intratracheal insufflation. To my mind the introduction of this

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pneumonia from bronchitis and from pulmonary congestion. The

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the American sin namely the destruction of unborn life.

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gland without being often seriously affected by it.

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thickness which are due to the presence of small alimentary

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not unlike that of new made hay but stronger. Our author does

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we mix bacterial emulsions with the corresponding inactivated immune serum

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tuberculous cases give a positive result whilst in ordinary

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continue at such a degree any length of time it would


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