tion by antitoxic serum is transmitted from the mother to the foetus (Tizzoni

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all he advances ; for example, at one time I Perhaps " they have but scotched the snake,

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painful tumor in the right cheek. It occupied a position in

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poor, stimulation of the inferior cervical g-anglion

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She is in good condition, but the breasts are not more prominent than in a

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bearing parts of harness, packs, and saddles is productive of better

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number of cases the first thing complained of. Dr Maclean speaks of the

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of the affected limbs, while the organic reflexes fail and may

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he concluded that the substance was "albuminoid" in its nature.

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recorded. By observing every circumstance relating to its

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circumstances, a positive diagnosis cannot be made. A strong suspicion

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former instance. He could whistle, sniff, smile, and puff out

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must be primarily local, however afterwards radiated and diffused.

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however, been observed to precede the occurrence of insanity, paralysis,

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existed about nine hours when I saw her, shortly after

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tion, and thinks that the so-called essential ha;matemesis

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the parents to buy costly apparatus, straighten out

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condition? It is a very complete and satisfactory little

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time taken in applying it being only from five to ten seconds. I have used it

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He is able to count up to twenty when he stops and re-

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the faeces ; or even in the bladder, and be voided with the

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humanity, the mens sibi conscia recti. Finally, the greatest

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a more cloak for evil. The reasons for this line of

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all parts of the medullary substance of the brain. They may be limited

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more recent method of taking some special disease or injury,

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the county, popular with young negro women was accused by one of

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ascertained. During the displacement thus produced, a par-

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tubes one-eighth of an inch in their inside diameter

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the region of joints and tendons, and where the tissues are firm.

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the waters. Since that time, says I)i. Steel, the waters of Sa-

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"According to the United States Census of 1880 Mas-

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Charles H. Leonard; Censors, Dr. Ariel Ballou, Dr. J. H.

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[)r. X()paiA>- S. vSiiENSToxE, 190 Ijloor St. West, has received

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June 14, A. M. — Dr. Eskridge saw him for the first

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caused by chancre on the penis, provided there be one. But, if

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" who are generally weak, although they may have the ap-

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»f arterial blood in the substance of the brain. The interruption of

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afterwards added ; she had tolerable rest during the night ;

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change is, on the one hand, not sufficiently localized to be included in

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