discontinued by its opponents, and the patients make uneventful

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medical societies in this particular branch of preventive medicine.

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9. Therapeutics. Dr. Bloomfield, assisted by Dr. Levy.

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Resolved, That in the death of Dr. H. A. West, not only the

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James B. Holmes. Variation in tuberculin hypersensitiveness during

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usually occurs in the condition of normal healing."

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women are to be attended, there are a need and place for learned

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eases in Medical Department, Washington University, St. Louis,

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most infectious of all diseases, and it is infectious

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Dr. Percy G. Brown, Professor of Radiology Harvard University.

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A. B. and A.M., University of Virginia, 1893, and M. D., 1894; Assistant Resi-

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Sig. The solution should be used hot. Saturate layers of lint

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Agnes Hospitals, Philadelphia. Third edition, greatly enlarged,

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Harry William Plath. Davenport, N. D. 716 N. Bdway.

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and J. Adkinson. Study XVII. A comparison between, the

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by having the case immediately isolated, the premises and premises

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In support of it, I have brought forward full partic-

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with all the problems under investigation. For this reason

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f This department is not yet organized upon the full University basis.

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own work and the application of our beliefs that we can invite com-

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it's pretty near killing me. Take me away, it hurts me so. Oh !

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Hospital which shows a decrease ?n the amount of work accpmplished, and

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Slack, Henry R., 1st Lieutenant, M. C, Assistant Surgeon (Laryn-

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des nerfs peripheriques. Jour. f. Psychol, u. Neurol. Bd. 7, p. 140.

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and H. Gushing. Calcareous and osseous deposits in the

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amined showed a decrease in the amount of hemaglobin and only

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Mcintosh front, while the Marine Hospital Service and the State

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» Annal. de M6d. & Chlr. Infant, Vol. v, 1901, p. 325.

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comparatively young persons. Included among the clinical symp-

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visceral flaps of peritoneum together, thus shutting off the peri-

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per cent had hydrochloric acid. Of those hav- securing suitable and repeated specimens of

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There was at death very slight motion in a few of the

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for typhoid fever, 108 ; for malaria, 91. Great good

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New England Hospital Medical Society. — The annual


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