The humours or fluids of chyliferous, venous, and lymphatic
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or the dislike to answer the ex-cat/iedra, especially as it
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That the fcetal movements may intermit for some space of
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^Dublin M. Press (633), v. 25, Feb. 19, pp. 119-120. [MS. dated Feb. 14.]
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cured, and that he thought abstinence from food for
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organs, regular or irregular in its course, persistence, relapse, complications,
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parts, one portion being manifestly composed of tubercle, the other
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account of a similar instance occurring in a little girl, and on
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fever. Med. News, Phila., 1890, Ivii, 225 - 229. — IMac-
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taltic wave. Such conditions must occur in obstruction. The occa-
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the pupils. To this condition the term of latent uraemia may be applied.
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been formed between them. The liver had been lacerated on its right side.
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gray commissure. In some of the reported cases the cord at the affected
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and rarity to merit publication. I am indebted to Dr.


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