kinds of cells. The presence of these large cells, or
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the death of guinea pigs. From an examination of the premises in
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brought to you, promote reaction as much as possible by external stimula-
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appears as an annular ring, extending for about an inch above
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monses to illusory patients. As prolific breeders of strong
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perfectly fresh and healthy color, such as one rarely beholds in a per-
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remained undeveloped, or to very stout women whose menses have almost
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Turning was resorted to 44 times, or once in every 150 cases ; the forceps
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reception of the foot, as it inclined downward in extreme extension.
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"I would begin by observing, that anasarca does not make
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By Dr. R. R. Bensley. A very important paper giving many
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produced by copper sulphate in a solution of urobilin of known
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treatment, formerly so much relied on, has of late fallen into compara-
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Trypsin is an ampholyte in which only the monovalent anion has a
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shall be nominated by the President, and elected by the Society. Three
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acid, with 5 parts of water; 1 part of sulphuric, 2 of muriatic
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for follicular tonsillitis or diphtheria. E. H. Griffin
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intestinal ulcerations, disposing them to heal, and, at any rate, correct-
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the intestines, supportive measures, saline, glucose and opiates, with
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than two-thirds of the transverse diameter of the left half of the chest at
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out from under the restraint and under the influences that
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The next paper taken up was one by Dr. G. Sterling Ryerson,
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the glottis prevented the rotation of the loop until it had passed
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consin Legislature a proposition looking to the establishment of a
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far more marked, and although in a number of the cases
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70 ; respirations, 19 ; temperature, 98.1° F. F"or two days
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everywhere encouraged. Arts, science, and every culture were so fos-


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