This was repeated twice, each time with the effect of causing the

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sat up in bed and, for the first time since the operation, ex-

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tary forms of disease.'' Thus, it will be observed that etiology, or

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the Romans built magnificent bathing houses, the ruins of

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to be taken every night. ft. Podophyllin, gr. j.; ipecac, pulv. grs. v.; hyos-

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gastric ulcer of the stomach, may be confounded with colic rising

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ble fibre, tendons and bones. Again: overboiling is injurious to

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fluences? The answer is, that such is the tendency of all; but,

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indeed, their effect is to increase the respiratory suffering and the danger

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be more appropriately named the Regents folly — in one act!

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certainty of the matter, thrown the plantation, and, indeed, the

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into the blood contained in the arteries ; and since the

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there is one who entertains any more doubt about its curative

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is absolutely necessary. I was formerly in the habit, in all cases

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cal Review, giving an account of some experiments that a German had

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excavation with ragged edges — looking as if it had been taken

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habits afford a strong protection against the virulence of the disease, as sure-

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Whilst these conflicts of opinion" were being carried on in an age

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gical predominance of function, as that of the nervous system,

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now before our municipal authorities, and agitating the minds of our

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Garpenter says, again, " that cells cannot be formed, unless

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more year he left to enlist in the army. Entering a New York regi-

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loss, respiration becomes impeded, the lungs expand imperfectly,,

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expectoration, till I had to be assisted to mount my horse or

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consider in the light of a primary and essential pathological con-

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It follows then, that it is essentially a process of destructive absorp-

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A piece of ice the size of an orange, or weighing about a quar-

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and amputations. Two patients may suffer from similar frac-

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the influence by which bone is destroyed in aneurismal disease?

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GEORGES M. DUPUY, M.D., Stretcher Bearer Ambulance Sec-

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experiments made with quinine like those made by Dr. Boling"

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in one, and in that one the patient had fits not only at the^times of men-

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The prolapsed arm. — It is generally conceded that, in turning

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Buchtel being in consultation, it was decided .to apply the

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Achille L., aged 11 years, of a miserable constitution, having a luxation

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But there is a higher law which should actuate the true devotee of medi-

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aeral considerations, covering 90 pages, interspersed with


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