teiia degli Ospitali (May 23d) reports a case from the
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child. I Tr. M. Soc Penn., Phila., 1883, xv, 354.— Mertz
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Upon the suggestion of Dr. Engelniann, president of
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Dr. Heller's Caustic Pencils consist of long, thin sticks of
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into the brain in minute quantities. The results of the color-
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By a diligent use of bougies, the stricture was dilated sufiiciently
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Naval Intelligence.— Ci^c^ffl^ List of Changes in the Medi-
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alone, who, if the death-rate of 1690 still prevailed,
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as it not only failed to remove the germs, but destroyed the
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■Councils of all moneys so received and expended by
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as he would with a due recompense for his labours ?
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Overall, 59% of patients improved (Table 4).* The natural
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leukocyte count as a diagnostic sign in these extremely
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the micrococci found in wounds. Cheyne believes that some of these
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to x /2 gill of boiling water, sweetened, and the dose repeated in
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PLxtreme pruritus of the skin is, in some cases, a source of much annoy-
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papers should be read and not listened to, and that in a
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ber, 1872), she noticed that the lid of the left eye could not be fully raised.
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projects covering different phases of ERTRON therapy
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matous nephritis in connection with tuberculosis. This fact is emphasized
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often not shown the chronic diseases from which people suffered during
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quantities of fine dust are raised which may also poison the workmen.
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rolling his hoop in high glee, or our delight that surgery had again
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Misce. Sumat eochl. j. vel ij. minima ter quaterve de die, ex decocto
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sums which they had paid to the Germans as a war in-
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rise to disagreeable and, sometimes, disastrous accidents ;
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are dilated with blood crammed with white cells. A true apoplexy of leuco.
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ounce of water, dropped into the eye three times a day.
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bly feasible though somewhat expensive measure), and
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6. Cheraskin, E. and Ringsdorf, W. M., Jr., and Clark, J. W. Diet
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others one may be compelled to feed the patient exclusively
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combined with thirty drops of compound sulphuric ether will
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In England and Scotland, the whole number of cases to the last date
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tion. He was not only thoroughly examined each day, but
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which is greater in proportion as the ligaments are implicated. With
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of what we have already stated (§ 14, p. 31, Yol. I.) as to the
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We have no knowledge of ndnd apart from the brain. Dreaming
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in decoction made as follows : Take 2 ounces of the bark (the
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ing a character that we give a description of them in full.
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