by the United States Department of Agriculture from the best
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isolating a portion of the bowel such as the appendix under various
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with the average want of skill of administrator want of
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and physiological movement. Looking at the distortion caused by faradiza
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depended for their safety upon the contrivance for a long
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nervous and vascular systems have no longer any organic
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in which they have been brought about easily understood. But
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were found lying over and obstructing the common bile duct.
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moval weighed six pounds one and a half ounces and contained
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atrophied without preceding disease. But none of these pathological
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great general a brave general and a filching general
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insisted on lest there be some latent error. Intractible
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has been giving a sort of exhibition which has provoked
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Bladder very small not admitting the rotation of searcher.
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cause often being simply exposure to cold and wet. From this
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occurs frequently during stable feeding in the winter and exception
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eral Medical Council to the granting of a license in surgery to
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such cases hydrochloric acid may be added to Hberate this lactic acid before
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the Japanese Army the morbidity of the vaccinated soldiers
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Dr. Wood s Address Professional Stupidity Diseases of the
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lung affections was noted before its true physiological action
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Pleurisy should not be confused with lobar pneumonia for the latter begins
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tions and ascribed to shock were really due to other
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and also stated that the date of our Saginaw meeting would be
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taking a lalioratury course. Captain Gilchrist is at Fort
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connected with the particular firm supplying the serum.
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the withdrawal of the trocar we were much disappointed at seeing only
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are recorded of the favorable action of opium in cases of belladonna
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Pathology is that branch of medical science which treats of
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Again in chronic and extensive cases removing loose hairs helps to
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is the method chiefly employed at this Hospital Mr. Bryant


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