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diagnosis of empyema in cases with and without an antecedent measles

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and leas frequently the sweating stage may fail to appear.

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of failure let our thoughts revert to the happy days in the C.

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the uterosacral ligaments. If this relaxation occurs

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convolutions. On section they were seen to be filled

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the lower part of the hock joint similar to spavin in horses.

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to occur unless some traumatic injury or change in climate make

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the first edition. In a brief notice of a second edition

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articles are of value and any selection would probably

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Barcelona by the men of Columbus vessels on thoir return from Espafiola.

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ance as showing that the haemoglobin is excreted through the tufts rather

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lishing his immortal treatise on auscultation. Although

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acting upon muscular elements but the powers of the antagonist

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relaxed and let down and the voice assumes a deadened toneless

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nine patients operated on had a marked ttmior formation at

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this terrible affection would show themselves. The earlier cases

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one and cannot fail to prove beneficial to the student.

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I could not have attained the results in the compara

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subsequent formation of secondary nodules in the intestinal

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which there was swelling of the lids or granulations.

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For one unaccustomed to its use it is in general better when


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