ferent varieties of one and the same pathological process," the first point
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sweets in the diet, and giving alkaline mineral waters, con-
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acute mastoiditis is accompanied by a swinging temperature —
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and also had a recurrence in 1914. Of the ten cases with definite
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by some bubbles of air ; other bubbles existed in the medias-
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reflex may persist until the danger line is almost passed. Hence the necessity
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4th. PhysiohgicaHij, a distinction is to be made be-
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A detailed review of this well-known book is quite un-
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Lucy Graves Taliaferro, Sc.D., Research Associate in Parasitology.
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This disease occurs, in a large proportion of cases, in persons whose vital
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not in any way account for the man's illness, as he was not
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prize lot weighed an average of 1,821 pounds and sold for $205 each.
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HIV education and testing in the perinatal period. It
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associated with an increase in anginal pain, possibly due to associated hypotension
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right lung was consolidated and contained a cavity ;
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From the physical point of view, the energy of oscillating
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Piper Methysticum. — Dr. E. M. Hale calls attention in the
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lesoence, although it may considerably outlast that period. It is, how-
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cially in the cylindrical bones. — (Bartholin, Act.
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than two doses in one series, but this may tide the patient over a critical
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those situated over bones exhibit. A case of this kind came under my notice a
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'Osier: The Principles and Proc-tice ot Medicine, 8th cil., 1914,
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the trochanter. As he was unwilling to perform a cutting op-
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Robinson's Elixir Paraldehyd (see pat^e tient was a lad, aged eighteen, who had
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DoLiCHOS PjRURiENS in the treatment of the pruritus which
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reason of the different properties of the superimposed tissues.
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