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sequence of an occult carditis, and Fischer a rupture of an apparently

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no disturbance of the stereognostic sense. Similarly, in the case

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It will be seen from this table that the death-rate of those whose

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creases progressively with old age. No doubt with the tendency to

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of his heart showed the systolic murmur at the base of aortic obstruc-

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treated as children, even though they may be adults in years. Rela-

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vitally staining cells, but from the description and pictures such an assumption

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were thus made, and the weights obtained may be used as an index of

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eighty-seven of these cases the phenolsulphonephthalein read as

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injured herself and the cancer is supposed to have resulted from the injury.

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Four years previously, the patient began to cough, with profuse mucous

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February 13 he was given 0.3 gm. of salvarsan intravenously. This was fol-

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died during that year, the death rate in the first recurrence, that is, in

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myocarditis, and myocarditis is by nature progressive in the same

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preference for the white meat of fowl and fish. Heavy meats and

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that we have had few accurate data as to the variations in the amount

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which no diuretic is given is probably the best procedure to follow

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digitalin be thus administered no further dose should be given till

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* 43. Ord : Clinical Society's Transactions, vol. xiii.

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into the left ventricle. Such a lesion rarely exists alone. As already

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hypertrophy may never become extreme; it yields much sooner than

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cles are more or less degenerated. The lymphatics are much dilated,

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Elephantiasis of the Scrotum. — These scrotal tumors attain a great

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the comparative frequency of onset in each period of five years from

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TABLE 10. — Distribution of Recurrent Attacks of Pellagra,

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food, in sufficient variety and small quantity furnishes the best result.

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cause ? Whichsoever comes first, some one may say ; but what if they

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increased. The condition of the gland may be fairly compared to

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difference was due to some slight alterations in the technic in collecting

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pecially — aside from the anaemias — upon rheumatism with organic

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than usual, but also that the rate of absorption is probably much

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lages where pellagra was endemic. They were poor, ignorant, unclean and

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loud, rasping, often musical ("piaulant") diastolic murmur, by de-

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right auriculo- ventricular opening. The term is limited in our day

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his own hands. The chief treatment requires a readjustment of the

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Tapping should not be resorted to unless pressure symptoms

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pericarditis, as pericardial friction may be heard over the base of the

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fusiform or rounded general dilatation of the vessel — no pulsation

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the explosion, like an aura, to be a manifestation of epilepsy. Parrot,

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facts. Although, as I have said, contusion of a vein rarely causes

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The influence of age upon mortality is well known, and, through the

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(luring thyroid and thymus action was practically the same, differing


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