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(paresis of arm), with contractured leg in flexion; palsied parts are seat of

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shorn of half their terrors. It is, in our estimation,

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16 of which showed marked exophthalmos with von Grafe's sign.

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M. Bretonneau proposes to distinguish from its congeners by

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pelvis and calices were nmch dilated and filled with

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44 Camphor, — Bloody Urine, Dysentery, Kidney Diseases.

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had power of taste, recognizing sweet, bitter, salt, acid,

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True, lie will find there tlie worthy poor, the worthy object of

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when the dark field is not available or local treatment has been insti-

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half an incli in diameter. When the child cries or strains, there protrudes

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Lastly. — Such patients occasionally experience a sudden and severe

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she must drink large quantities of water to carry the food

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In all bacterial diseases it is desirable to detect if possible the

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of Drs. Smith and Waltzer, it was a great improvement

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name, I took the bottle, which still contained about half a

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occasionally there may be necrosis and grangrene at the seat

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opportunity for a thorough search is afforded and for removal,

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ating epileptic patients from the insane in institutions of the insane, was

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turer on experimental pathology in one of the greatest of

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per cent, of his lambs — thirty-two out of sixteen score — besides

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nance of health, even of life itself, midst these combined trials. During

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is included within its area. At the bottom of the shield is

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bowels have not acted for twelve hours. Passed a good quan-

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decidedly improves the general health and greatly pro-

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D. F. Reshetilloi marshalls a series of facts proving the con-

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ment, detached in all probability from the posterior part of the iris, were depo-

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he eflTect of allowing a small stream of water to fall upon the part. The

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measures were, however, persevered in, and in about half an hour we had the

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given positions and emoluments commensurate with his

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was to have been Babylon; but, while he was thus making

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ratoire. Arch, d'opht.. Par., 1892, xii, 156-167. — Theo-

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Necropsy in the last three dogs showed no evidence of infection, and

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iii, 309-322. — SIshicelli (C.) Demenza iisralitica in un

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fessors Bfhring, Wernicke, Hans Aronson, and a great


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