A few hours before, when working in a dray, one of the arms of the

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parasitic disease, which they communicate to man. He then referred

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that of his incomparable "Luxe; Barometer," is without exception the most useful-

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recommended on account of sarcoma of the superior maxillary bone

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pied the right part of the vertebra, the transverse process of which it

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my instructions if he vv^ishes to attain, in the life to come,

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of the horse's foot, when the intensity of the general symptoms

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back court is the only out-door resort of the patients; the fever-patients

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usual physiological characters, but some are changed, deformed, and

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would be polluted ; and not a few who in the pride of their untempted

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of the sun without loss of privacy ; or, failing these, it would be an

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respirations 24, pulse 48. The same treatment as on the previous day

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In either case a time arrives when the previously latent disease

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the head and neck extended, all four limbs stiff, or one of the front

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absence of conditions which predispose to the disease. Bacteriological

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invariably surgeons to some of the collieries in the neighbourhood, gave

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lines or slender irregular bands of lighter colour, which stand out

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Treatment was modified b}^ giving three subcutaneous injections of 80

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his official discrimination in excluding articles on extra-medical subjects

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honest young fellow, compelled by a change in financial

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— (*)" Catechism of tlie Principles of Veterinary Surgery."

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Until the 4th January the treatment consisted in : scarification,

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* See De la vertu admirable de guerir les escrouelles, par le seul

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my instructions if he vv^ishes to attain, in the life to come,

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a new series of normal pulsations, to which succeeds a further silence,

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in size. The animal showed occasional dulness, lay down on its side

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51. Two-year-old sheep-dog, left in hospital on the 2nd January,


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