Regardless of the different theories as to the treatment of this

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an event in a man's life, in fact, when he is allowed beds.

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That these changes take place in the heart-muscle is

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perfect health. In temperament she is pmegmatic rather than

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themselves, are sufficiently distinct, and it is upon this basis that the classiti-

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in the lumen on the other. Here the layer of lymph exists to allow the cell

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the string test, the .r-ray, the gastric analysis, and the

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oping a wholesome interest in the humane planted by a classification based upon the

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situations in which cancer may be extirpated with the knife,

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to the group because his parents realized that he needed the advantages

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the order of the morbid phenomena present, and a thorough ac-

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injured man, and, in his opinion, there was no comparison in the

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discussed in detail. Here we shall give connected, though necessarily

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its mobility and tendency to at once resume the position from which it

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signs of cerebral congestion. He took the emetic tartar to the

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conductor evolved bubbles of gas. Having replaced the latter conductor

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injection of the vaccine, there is a slight fall in the leukocytes, followed

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of cholera was often feculent and bilious, and presented no

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some one treatment promptly cured the disease outright.

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of the bath, by individuals, in whom this salutary symptom does not occur ;

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respiratory muscles lift the ribs. Exercise of these mus-

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this could occur can be left to the imagination of those

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posure. Sterility among lepers is so general that here-

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forty-nine recoveries and thirteen deaths. (Ibid., Dec., 1867.)

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Britain. But though no epidemic has yet occurred in this country,

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fact, sj'nonymous terms, each term having the same scope of applica-

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large number of individuals who avail themselves of

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dyspepsia ranges throughout the whole domain of clinical pathology ; in

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perature above 101 . I am satisfied that Osier, Pepper, and some European

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sp!ceinf|;, tec., that be has reserved but a fevr articles by

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tion in each of the three kingdoms, and favour the introduction

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recognized by their characteristic odor. More accurate tests are too

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tips and incurvation of the nails, — drumstick fingers,— and in some cases


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