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ed by tuberculosis in great numbers the death rate from phthisis
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in any part of the Body, or for any Contufion, Pun-
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losed joint by arthroplasty could be performed upon a more auspicious
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pendently of the auricles, as shown by the ever-varying relation of
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Pound three : mix and boil them till they are Crifp,
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Cordials in the World, it chears the Heart, revives
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Aftringent, Attractive, Carminative, Digeftive, Dif-
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any of the places where it grew naturally ; Mr. Good-
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withal. At the tops of the Stalks, and at the Joints
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which is long and woody , but tough withal, fpreadi ng
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Pena, accounted it Deleterious or Deadly ; tho’ at


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