was entirely well in every respect but in the closure of


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tory experiments. Attention was at first directed to a

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fever. Let us hear from his own lips the reason why he

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Treatment. In the first stages of fever indicated by full rapid

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teria was confirmed by the attacks recurring at intervals of

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froai sending it. Esmarch of course says this under

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cially after excessive smoking of imported cigars and cigarettes a habit

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recovers more quickly than the others. The flexors of the fingers too

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cessive use of the Dicycle has been termed the vibra

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tient to severe muscular strain lifting a heavy weight in the

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soap compounded with resorcin and salicylic acid. He found a great differ

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the disease in cases of strangles the abscessed should receive

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These are the lesions of the eruptive stage of the ansesthetic type or

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saline solutions cause the detachment of these scabs. Not

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thing to give previous to the administration of the

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up with a precision that even surpasses that afiorded by

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The insufflation was made every three hours in severe cases

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and other symptoms of disturbance of the central nervous system.

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This was especially the case since the good of the patient

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tumour. In the case reported by Dr. Maisonneuve he reso

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scrophulosis and tuberculosis has been referred to under another head.

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is known to be exerted upon the nerve centers thereby increas

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into the house and barking at a child was immediately

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often as the shooting and tearing pains were made particu

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whereupon in dismay my imprudent colleague applied his mouth to the

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pttfelic generally and that is broken wind like many other dis

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quinine is undoubtedly advantageous. I have satisfied myself that such

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of the pancreas there are many instances in which the metabolic fault

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performed in the best possible way they are required to devote them

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sutures of silver wire and the peritoneal cavity drained with


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