uterine canal, and noticing whether as it passed onward it dipped back-
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anasmia, is really due to the kidney mischief. Brightism is the chief feature
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are suro of our treatment. If we send our patient home to take anti-
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There are several points connected with the execution of this opera-
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that it has neither arrested the tendency of disease, nor limited the bills
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1385 Cpl. Charles James Joseph, South African Medical Corps.
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choroiditis, in one opacity of tlie vitreous humor, and in one phlyctenular
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gerated by the excessive fineness of the objects looked
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meal is taken, consisting of 35 to 70 grams of stale wheat bread and
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potassium for children, as they are better borne by
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attention, and pointed to the diagnosis of typhoid. In this case, as in the
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This disease is generally a tedious one. Death is the usual result,
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would appear to be to put on a splint at a very obtuse
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are put several together into one room, they enjoy all the other
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lu'ged, as they have been, with the author's well-kno-wn ear-
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before you appi'oached the pylorus, was, at least, haK an inch thick.
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durch Krebsserum (Erysipelserum). Von Professor Dr. Rud
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require a somewhat longer time to move a man seriously wounded. Now,
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precose patient teaching
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Mine. Remaining within the gall-bladder, they may occasion no inconve-
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maps. 8°. fVestminster, A. Constable 4' Co., lt<9><.
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Directions for the Management of Infancy and Childhood in Health and Disease.
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ventricular tachycardia, J.A.M.A. 181 :727-728 (Aug
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ter twenty-four hours there was scarcely any remaining in the elder child,
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ing bottle which encourages and contemplates a management of his
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on the flora of the digestive tube, more extensive studies on necropsies
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the role of nucleins in the production of gout become doubtful for the
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be found in the urine. Sometimes a great toleration of arsenic is observed in
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there was crossed and right diplopia — that is, the image
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opera, concerts, lectures, etc. His photophobia also
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u Vanity," the famous leader of the hounds, and the two
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left chest, but ho had worked till two weeks before
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by waiting about for it to be given out." As has been well said, the
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in cases of absolute need, and in warding off sick-
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inal surgery has been brought into disrepute by operations done on neurotic
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Both soon retired after the doctor had left, the brother
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tube. The effect of the operation was seen in a few minutes, as in that
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ascribe it to a congenital, not hereditary predisposition.
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guinal hernia due to a tight phimosis. Circumcision was
precose results
operation is performed sufliciently early, and the incisions made through


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