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W. A. Drake, North Weymouth. J. W. Spooner, Hingham.

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leave to you the ground. Lf you will teach true principles, and recom-

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be gradual — possibly slow — but the present situation is extremely

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Occasionally (for instance in the Province of Quebec and in the

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struction in the central laboratory at Dijon. Here they were given lec-

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meantime had gone to mass at St. Giles' Kirk on Sunday " amangis the cleyne

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Further, the method of passing it by the sense of touch alone, and

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that this report will be available for general circulation. For it speaks the

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firm the construction that a patient could not be ordered

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sections, at one point showing normal growth and arrangement, while in other

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the eating of its flesh will prevent that disease, especially if the

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N. .S. Scott exhibited a testicle removed from a young man, 26 years

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A Monograph upon AconUe : Us Therapeutic and Physiological Effects^

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was given calomel, gr. £, and bismuth, grs. v, every

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on the glans penis as well as in the end of the urethra; frequently in

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