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matter occurred some hours after discontinuing the remedy. She

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of diseases.' But, as we said before, the indisputable advantage

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what typical cases) the positive diagnosis can be made only with

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been so successfully used in the treatment of puerperal septicemia, scarlet fever,

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disease, until the constitution severely suffers from the extent of

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ite statement of his condition after the acci- final result from an objective point of view

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saw with a herpetic patch, size of half-a-crown, on right arm

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taking the chloral, and continued sleeping, waking up at inter-

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stage represented in ordinary croupous pneumonia by the pres-

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and he has seen the most striking effects produced by the hypo-

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The alcohol habitue, whose habit made him . ^^ ^^.^^ \^ ""'^^'' "^^^ '^'^^^ ^^ ^ l°<='i' P^'y

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the omissions that may be detected in this sketch of the treatment

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intended by nature, when combined in our bread, to make it literally "the staff of life."

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should be administered, not before a lesion takes place, but

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Feb. ISth. — Cough, worse at night ; sometimes with vomiting,

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acute inflammations — («) that it tends to check excessive com-

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into the hospital on the 15th of last month. He had a varicose

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aration is tolerated, and that, unlike other spoonfuls were given daily, added to milk,

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diseased tissue. We have in the early, most active disease

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with equal quantities of living and dead bacilli, the latter react to the

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Mercury employed Hypodermicall)^ in the Treatment of Syphilis . . 378

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catheterized from the right kidney was go'ng home, but died two years later,

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that in experimental animals there are certain characteristic

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bromide of ammonium or potassium, or the hydrate of chloral.

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10. Anthrax bacteria from an impression preparation 83

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uterus, the unstriped fibres of the bladder, the muscular layers

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pulse was 100.) Every care was taken by screens and curtains

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The heart walls, with but few exceptions, contain large

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on the Resolutions of the State Medical Society for their Enforce'

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or years and often boiling for a half hour or longer does not

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spiral curette, to advantage without an an- woman on the back, with the hips elevated,

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of the heart! s action, may be found in the effects of certain therapeu-

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