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The results of the cytological examination of pericardial and peritoneal
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The next question was, Is tracheal tugging ever a sign of great
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exemplify the rapidity with which, in this form of apoplexy, life may be
imposed honor of having discovered the first case in this country. Several
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blow landed on the side of the head, half an inch above
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your back carrying that load you had last night." The
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the face ; sinking beating in the aorta, directly behind
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mucous membrane. In one there is a fairly and experienced nurse enter the field. To
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in this case Mr. Hunter justly observes, that the necessity is
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white tissue with a space between them, which spaces communi
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operation, and was never below 102°. On the 28th, at 8 p.m.,
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continued through two or three successive generations."
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ities being very much larger than the quantities of formaldehyde
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tions to, no variations from, natural law, ivhile there are many
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gratifying to us to find a brother editor disposed to applaud the
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a fright, but it is not known at what period of gestation this
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many places peeled off, the trachea brownish-red from putrefaction,
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perhaps, of a kind to justify the application of the term
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13. Gordh, T. : Postural circulatory and respiratory
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of formication and tingling, spreading down the right side of the body and
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found it present in some 30 per cent, of individuals
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is a chronological presentation of the various ilu'oi-ics which
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tions. One, especially, evoked much interest and discussion.
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skin moderate; and the head warm, with great vascular action. No pas-
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(3,) Each single or combined movement is to be followed by an
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spinous process and the iliac spine, on the lesion side.
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method will in the future probably play an important part in the after-
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" use " type may yet adopt the " use " type for all his replies


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