without delay, after the leaves have been pulled they must be pressed

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the functions of the digestive tract. It is bottled

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expense of continuing high quality and keeping these serv-

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several able physicians. She has pain in chest, short breath,

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diagnosed as pachymeningitis, but some months later


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in the Treatment of Nervous Diseases, by Ambrose L. Ran-

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tacle, and both of which are buried in fat and muscle

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.son, of ordinary intelligence, may become his own phy-

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much of the blood containing the poisonous agent as possible

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were the results similar with any two fluids; that the expan-

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We will first look to the adventitious products ; tissues far beneath the

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it very objectionable and even inadmissible in large i three gallons of water, of which a few ounces should be

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Among many others may be named as physicians who have earned for

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beyond his own family and his immediate friends. All that inter-

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relapses are not uncommon. Large doses should be avoided ; they

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snow as cold as the air that froze through the mitten, when immedi-

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the name of the French surgeon, Ravatori, who in 1743

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are certainly very far from being either so well pronounced, or so

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amination, no catarrhs were reported by the homoeoquacks, but each

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syph., Par., 1897, 3. s-, viii, 178-180. AUo: Bull. Soc.

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ruary morning sickness had begun, gradually increas-

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pulse, severe cough, muco-purulent expectoration, emaciation, failing strength,

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blade, but had no other symptoms. He was furloughed

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movement of the filaments the pigmented granules of the parasitic

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second spaw <hnyn to the lower border of the sixth cartilage, and almost to tlie end of the

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M. Legroux observed on the difficulties of the diagnosis, which could only

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minister supplement each other. It is safe to say that, where one

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in a short time, and in which the poison show^s its presence otherwise

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were variable. In some cases localized violent pain, doughy edema,

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