Ronas Voe in the Shetland Isles in April only four men
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or a pleuritic effusion impairment of movement possibly bulging of the
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Dr. Playfair is below the middle height not especially attractive in
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on the uvula palate tonsils and other parts of the pharynx. Naso
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insanity who had killed his stepmother without any obvious motive and became rational
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character and most acute anteriorly above Poupart s
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sulphuric acid but they do more harm to the teeth than good. In
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in order that we may have some idea of it let us calculate
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the daughter and heir of William Weightman. She will
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dyspnea associated with unconsciousness headaches gastro intestinal
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the makeup of the acid content of normal blood they appear only under
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is apparent but it is equally true that tlie extension of the disease
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said not so much diflPerence between Dr. Harrison and himself
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quite unexpanded behind it. During its displacement the heart
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reach their solution he points with pride to the work thus ac
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other premises. During outbreaks of foot and mouth disease
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I think we have some reason to believe that the former does. The
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the corresponding kidney. The uterus was latero flexed
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passed through a series of cats. It was then found to be completely
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Each teaspoonful of this preparation is equal to half a fluid
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He was tenacious of his rights and prerogatives and though
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Malarial infection of the blood continued till the death of
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substance of the heart fatty degeneration is a far more formid
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represented by a slip from the aponeurosis covering the
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siderably inflamed and edematous later they may show
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it up for a period of fi e minutes with no results.
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It is very essential to always determine the tension of the
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contains the antitoxin which is now ready for use and may
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tion of the child s head may be exchanged for some other
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tions whieli are or which may hereafter be federated to form the American
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self by quoting other words of Dr. Gowers and say with him


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