portion of the dairies imder sanitany inspection. In this field I
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Treatment. During the early stage Aconite is supposed by some
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sons given for believing that the plague is not contagious
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Again neurasthenia has frequently to be differentiated from primary
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cedure be adopted before the twelfth day of the disease
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gone efter he gaif him soft seropis and quhan he was admittit to
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within the year. He has now lost all symptoms has increased
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If the answers returned to the above queries had little or no
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icated inappropriate telephone orders because of the im
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stomach the general contents gradually approach the normal
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tened and incorporated with a tubal sac this fact has long been
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mist or fog was ob.served only five times twice in Janu
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sels or heard at the back. Friction sounds are apt to change
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Zoological Notes. The lung worms which occur in man strongylus
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thalmoscope it would be inappropriate to say aught more and
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rectly the cardiac nutrition. There is also a tendency toward improve
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PROPOSED COURSE One patient has already been seen and we are
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urine was examined in at least four divisions in every twenty four
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that it is decidedly the most efficient way to administer
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other perhaps distant organ. The organ producing the
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gradual onset often taking place in health the patient simply urinating
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forms of treatment in which it is irreplaceable. In the
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moved by non operative proceedings ureteral dilitation proving
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They have been given from an early period with much
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paraded in print as an authority in connection with some
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tion suflbcative cough amp c. ceasing almost instantaneously.
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by a fistulous opening without interfering with health yet its removal
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unaccountable kind. Some not already mentioned which occur to us
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make a gastroenterostomy with ease and promptness. It can L t done
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Sydenham And is it not time to inquire if modern methods
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ing or lavage. As has been shown in this series opiates were required
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