vated or varioush modified and others appear. The temperature often
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an ordinary diet was tapped and the ascitic liquid analyzed. The patient
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I unn thr. xaiMinatiou of tlir posterior uretlira the prostate
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that the Word was the first and the World his second
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But can it be assumed that the same force of mortality was
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and a cure without waiting for four or five years and run
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any benefit that the Yale Medical Journal gets is concerned.
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duce contractures and deformities. Further for the recovery of function it
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plegia or other disturbance from the unilateral symptoms that
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Dr. Lyford read a paper on Bursal Enlargements exhibit
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ternal use of salicylate of soda. In another case a
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remedy to relieve the suffering animals is to pare the foot well
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porary relief from the flimulus of wine rcgardlefs of its future
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done. Annually thousands on thousands of lives are sacrificed
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prematurely removed before a cure has been established.
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erts W. Casesof hysteria in boys Practitlonei Loud.
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that guinea pigs may be actively immunized against this phenomenon.
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Difficult as it is to answer all objections it seems probable that the
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right presented the ordinary appearance of senility.
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for eight or ten minutes after all forms of exercise otherwise
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injuring the surrounding viscera. This is specially apt to occur in the
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tration. The emulsion spoken of in the first stage will
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Patients with complicating circulatory disturbances or chronic nephritis
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rod shape of the original organism. After a few hours
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in the gap chips or shavings of bone recently removed for
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prescribe for ihem in the absence of the physician. When the pro


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