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Lawrence smears the moistened extract upon the eyebrow

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sive to the kidneys their inflammation and perhaps suppuration leads

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puscle as shown by the hsemoglobinometer may be twice

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showed the percentage of white corpuscles where these

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governing quite uncalled for. If a case of anything like ex

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most efficacious for good. As a rule however sedative

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in the death of the patient from a propagation of inflammation

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stances it is our dut to ascertain the exact condition of

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hospital altogether unguided. This much indeed we may remark in

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body might have become cold and rigid as it was found and

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work but that they have greatly diminished its mor

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kidney and nephro lithotomy but rather of pyelo nephri

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to themselves.. The hospital system encourages the loss of the

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an entire absence of fulness and tenderness over the hip joint itself.

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Now this principle of transfusing into the body of the patient

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test in Case was lost through the breaking of the tube contain

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