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altogether without foundation. The means by which the Eu-
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medium forceps or an abdominal section will need few excep-
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Thorax, — The lungs were very loaded with serum and somewhat
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were nulliparae. Of the latter only three presented any morbid
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when the li mgs are expanded, that air bi c es a primary element for the continu-
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The external parts, as the lips, were coloured brown, as in poison-
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ample : when a raging fever is coursing the veins, and inflammation is spreading its
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smallpox. The post-mortem record is, unquestionably, the
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ili.' true skin, a thick layer, which, when taken oil' animals, is tanned inio lea-
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prevent sickness. "Who does not know that often sickness is induced by the
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ovens which are now on the market. The electric pad is also
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pear ; the organs of generation are quite prominent ; and from the form of the head,
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are good^ and calculated to do good* Da^ by day the use of the
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Conceiving, as I do, that the health of a people is in a measure dependent upon
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diseased, while the others were normal, and that no predictions
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whether the secretions of the stomach, from a constant action in digestion, becoming
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ral wants of the various members receive proper hearing and attention;
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it and we may live; for there is a decomposition and a renewal of the body con-
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of some of the distinguished phrenologists and physiologists of the day, the theory
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number of cases of the incipient form of tuberculosis of the
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and the skin greatly perspiring. After death, in addition to other appearances,
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By Dr. Marrotte, Physician to the H6pital de le Piti6, Paris —By
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beaded loith recent bloodstained fibrine. Slight indications of.
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kidneys ; b. Cases of albuminuria from some abnormal condi-
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iterior part adjoining. I called in two physicians, but my health
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Putrid erysipelas attacks any part of the system, giving a purple color to the
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make merchandise of their daughters for filthy lucre — selling them to the embrace
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XXIV. On an Operation for the Relief of a Stricture of the
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During the following year he avoided sugar, pastries, and
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Considering, as I do, that poverty is a curse, and a far greater source of sickness
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or kidney snake exist in the system, from the fact that the symptoms closely re-
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ski^ Bouchut and Jackson have arrived, the reader will probably
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habil of trifling with the love of those whom they meet in their society. I,
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lated with this substance, giving at the same time by the mouth
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eminent Registrar-General of Great Britain, the rule has been established, 'that the
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reactions continued strongly positive. On January 22d, on a


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