Physician in Chief to the Department for Diseases of
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skin within a few hours administered in cases of dysentery
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pathological antecedents of the secondary anemia. In this table further analysis of
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ment and appears to be admirably adapted to its purpose
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not very different from that of the Samaritan Hospital.
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than c mat se bowels occasionallv affected with diarrhcea but as
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tite returned and apparently I was doing well but the new formed
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occur or not are obscure. Physical factors may be involved or certain
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Stahl had so absurdly endowed it seated this power as a g.
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tural mediums. In this respect so far as the published descriptions
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Pituitary Gland. The pituitary gland presents its usual glandular structure
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muft be extra led by the Feet. If not they muft be mollified
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tions were given no severe reaction was ever encountcKd. aUliough
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bladder which he had peeled off examined microscopically
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holds the white or colored object cm. midway between the patient and the
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reading of the diameter of the radials under the two conditions
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ing board by direction of the Secretary of War the ex
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been consulted and valuable suggestions received from all.
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cause they cannot be reached by surgery but can be cured only by
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Further Observations on the Influence of Toxins on fche Central Nervous System.
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tion considersits mission as ended. If the children have
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nystagmus from fatigue of the eye muscles in following the work
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disturbance of circulating fluids such as are present
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should.see a case in which he should have any idea of resecting
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prompt and timely administration of proper remedies.
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calls no hard feeling with the owner and loss of good clients.
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to giving any remedy for them. Hardly any other recognized
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had treated by poulticing pricking etc. without relief.
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by fresh importation of the infection from abroad. The
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abdominal ostium an event usually complete by the sixth but often
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ferment power is lost forever. The proteolytic power of
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Again some authorities assert bacteria gain entrance to the system
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doses and the excessive energy of the drug the many preparations
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The Pharmacology of Chloral Hydrate. M. Dmitrieff in a
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report by a French surgeon Villandre. He has personally operated


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