therefore hardly admitting of transportation to any

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October 8th, Dr. Frank Blair Olhausen. aged thirty-four

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eral years ago noted'* the fact that in the tonsillar

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ing the back upon specific producing factor, let the

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pulse was 120 and the temperature loi'^ F. The urine was

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I'"resh air, sanitary quarters, the comforts of a good home,

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grains of wet tapioca. The presence of this type of

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reason to believe that a reversed peristalsis was set

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John H. Pryor. Dr. F. C. Busch, Dr. Edward Clark, Dr.

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Tic taught me the facts he knew: and did much more, for he

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first hospital designed for the specific purpose of

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Bundesen, H. N., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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lowing an appendicular abscess or general peritoni-

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the pancreas to diabetes some facts have been defi-

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American Rontgen Ray Association, Detroit, September

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exists a considerable increase in the fats, which may

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for the sting of serpents verily, garlick is exceed-

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respiration, or the presence of cyanosis or stertor.

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Smith, H. L., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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of the society held on Wednesday evening, October 19th,

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ing able to marry as soon as the sexual function is

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crrv; and still another scientific complication was

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cusses traumatic neuroses at considerable length and

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"I would like to ask Dr. Rome if it is a routine practice to plate

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contractor and builder. He liad begun to stay in the house

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an inquiry, would often, Dr. Flint thinks, forestall

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uncompleted career, the cause of humanity has lost an ardent advo-

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tion in all vertebrates but the smaller and distal veins are

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telcb.eniischeii Unter.suchungsniethodeii fiir Apotheker,

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The conclusion reached was that the condition was a

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planning a conference early in 1919 for physicians and surgeons

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fistula occurred in two of the cancer cases, one of

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personal, and medical history, and also a clear un-

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drain. A further precaution by nature to save the body from the

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and : (2) "In brief, conceive light invisible, and that

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6. A Method of Establishing Colotomy Openings and Per-

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