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It has been variously termed canine distemper, canine plague,

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(6) Lead, copper, silver, mercury, and their salts should be used for

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Sig. — 2-3 pills every 2 hours. ( 1 pill contains 1 gr. ergotine, % gr.

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to admit that it contains much information that may prove service-

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been fresh, the bird would probably not have lived one minute.

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virulent plague baciUi is shown by the fact that pus from a bubo

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The disease is probably transmitted mechanically by flies

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dermically in Vio-% gr. doses as imperative in many instances when

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(%-% S^-) hypodermically, are very seldom used on account of their

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death of from one in three to one in three and a half of the mothers

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The spontaneous recedence of the protruded and adherent knuckle

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gray colour, and the lids were thickened from the effusion of firm

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Liver Broth: A Medium for the Determination of Gas-forming

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excess in animal food nor spirituous liquor, and daily perspiring

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sodium guaiacol sulphonate in syrup of orange, and sirolin, a 10 per cent,

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tainty to occur sooner or later — stringent orders have been issued to

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most important subject of classification of diseases in which mental

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is recommended. Pf eiffer prescribes it as follows :

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monary tuberculosis. [W. H. Thompson warmly advocates cod-liver oil

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and it seems necessary, in spite of all that is talked of by the ignorant

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same genus. Therefore BertareUi concludes that the precipitins which can be obtained

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Generally he will instinctively lie on his sound side; but occasionally

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80° C. destroys their precipitating action. Solutions of ricin and extracts of maize

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cutaneously with two drops of infected blood in citrated saline solution from guinea-pig

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and especially by any sort of infection, even a relatively trivial focal

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nature and mode of origin of a disease which is the cause of so

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hurried, but otherwise seems unaffected. 4.30. — Begins to show

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was 6X4 feet in plan and 3 feet deep, and a constant head was


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