of injection and a little swelling of adjacent lymph glands may precede
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in the field of vision which was discovered by Mariotte
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composition and yet it is a very difficult matter for either the
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cubic millimeter or less. Normoblasts and megaloblasts occasionally
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In spinal irritation there is never so far as my experience
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The muscles are pale and flaccid the coat rough and
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weeks while over the optic disk and retina immediately
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fifteen years in dealing with inmates of institutions
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complete obstruction of the bowel by pressure for the
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followed out with the confidence born of firm faith in
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of the relation of the two diseases has been considered in a monograph
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the celebrated Dr. Cullen the Febris Nova of Sydenham
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fall of temperature occurred while hepatization was in
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be removed as far as this is capable of being accomplish
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sister in law. While he was driving along the Cockshutt Road
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labour died in the course of the first year. per cent. which seems
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The diagnosis depends upon the demonstration of the specific fungi in
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Prof. Aitkcn defines scrofulosis or tuberculosis as follows
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disconcerted pursues a doctrine whose rules seem to flee
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Bruce William C BA Transylvania College MD University of Maryland .
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Differential Counts of Leukocytes During Leukopenia in Splenectomized Rabbit
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difference in the force of the impressions. Thus in the remit
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or intestine tuberculous enteritis and chronic tuberculous peritonitis. The
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increased cell count gt P r c.mm. globulin slightly opalescent slightly


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