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using it. It is still more extraordinary when the sanitary

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though very sudden in its attack. It may be described as occurring

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milder the disease the less the quantity other things being equal. In

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cal signs was afterward proved at autopsy. On account of extreme

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especially adapted for the Diarrhoea and Vomiting of

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A molecular formula is that formula which expresses a quantity by

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caemia with great rise and fall of temiDcrature following simple i himo

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contorti are lined with striated epithelium and that the

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submit to it notwithstanding the disadvantages of a

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with hydrochloric acid when salicylic acid is precipitated.

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by the vapor bath this procedure becomes a powerful factor

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Connection was made by binding a piece of cotton waste satu

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every part therefore of the antiphlogistic regimen CXXX.

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clubs and parochial appointments are charities on a

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attackiug the side corresponding to the part of the pharynx which was

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with a cocaine solution or any other fluid selected. Be

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times redncod to an extremely thin layer the normal structure in fact

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Bacteriological Diagnosis. A drop of the pus containing the

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the pulse was and weak the temperature subnormal. On the

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with mucous and cutaneous lesions and enlargement of the superficial

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whether Dr. ail did not have something of the kind involving

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often this possibility is overlooked the oversight in many cases


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