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prevent the agglutination of the eyelids, and to correct the al-
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Lewis.— In Alfred, N. Y., on Tliursday, March 27th,
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cians of his era in medical lore as he surpassed the
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should then be studied in animals, likewise its ac-
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Medicine, and Henry MaUNSELL, M.D., Professor of Mid-
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that of the generality of villages in its vicinity, but in none of these
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that it is essential to bear in mind the importance of
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disease in times of peace is greater than the loss of diets and more than $61,000,000 spent annually by
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amongst the records of surgery to warrant a very different opinion.
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for it is IN A GOOD HOSPITAL, where it can be properly
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had been positive as regards the stools, in spite of
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termingling with purulent foci. Clinically the sero-
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the extensive growth in the whole, and the increase of volume
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common ingenuity to answer, assuming the inefficacy, whether
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forth with strong ebullition from numerous veins, in the quantity of
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poor lady had the nature of her complaint fully explained to
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only chance was derived from a liberal supply of wine and nou-


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