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long. Each consists of a steel rod, having a convenient handle for

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mate of the barque stated, not having been on her feet during the

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profession with the celerity which might be expected

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400 pages written by Laveran and Mesnil, and jniblished by ]Masson

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sufficiently recognized, owing to greater attention being paid to death-rates

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for manoeuvres of this kind. The note of angina pectoris is terror-

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guide in diagnosis and successful treatment. The subject ia

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drosses, one after another, and rips thern entirely

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— Clinical and pathological observations on cases of injury

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Flicker can seldom be observed by looking directly at the light source

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VII. It is only by the exercise of freedom that changes

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ferent from those under which accidents usually occur

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sponded absolutely in its symptoms and course to that which Nicolaier had

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types of arthritis is usually manifest. This is because of the sharply

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In another two days these colonies had burst and spread out

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dition of things, however strictly antiseptic treatment is applied,

mentation disorder

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1 1 h the emaived hands and feet, the forearms and legs

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of the suggestion that English physicians should no

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getting better, was a prey to all sorts of vague terrors, and imagined

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bearing on the claim that phthisis is not inherited.

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advantages of change ; and so long as the characteristics, the habits

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ing up stairs, felt something snap and almost fainted.

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30,000, the latter should be accorded preference as a general anaes-

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Chorea Drs. Addison and Bird treated thirty-six cases

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Outline of opening in skull over left motor region. Reduced one-half.

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In the lymph nodes of Hodgkin's disease and the lymphocytic

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Jersey Medical Society, 92. New Journal, 92 — 286. New

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Tincture of Opium, Ij. — Powdered opium, 3 oz., proof

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End-to-end approximation of the bowel is the most de*

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The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.

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tance in the discovery and diagnosis of pulmonary tuber-

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on his back, sides, or hands and knees, appearing to be attached to the


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