opium by the mouth has set up alarming symptoms. One patient
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flammatory or degenerative changes with hcnemorrhage atrophic degener
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which was of a reddish white color and almost entirely solid
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reflex disturbances according to the segmental law of Head s
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her mouth at times bitter. Bowels very costive. Meat suits
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pletely collapsed. The second patient I will refer to was a weak
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and miserable death. The popular notion of pain as an essential
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I confine myself to merely mentioning melanotic and mycotic
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The causes of this condition are many first may be men
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supplied to the blood during the interchange of gases in the
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and phosphates in a concentrated urine interfere to some extent with the
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the contrary the amount of blood propelled through the narrow orifice
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When the jars were opened the appearance of the contents was
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culty however. If the fluid containing the arsenic is ropy and
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I of the haemoglobin as the direct effect of the action of the
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softness of the new pressures and jerking up its hand
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striction of the chest and of painful pressure at the epigastrium.
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At this period his medical attendants were unable to account for the
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such is the case implied. It was admitted by RoUet that
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marked improvement if not a permanent cure in a certain percentage
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through the mammary secretion appears to protect these in a great
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where caused by the infusorial earth. To reach the wing
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tivos destes. Os venenos operao pela sua ac ao mecanico chimica ou pela
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The normal saline infusion used by hypodermoclysis has given fa
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the diagnosis in the past of tuberculous peritonitis has had its difficulties.
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of ihe bent pins leaving the outer heet spread on the
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freely admitted therefore that there have probably been many
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fectly sensible but without a pulse with cold clam
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cent of reported recoveries is sufficient to show that occasional
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was trephined at the upper angle of the triangular depression and at
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the child is his and has no other father. Sonship is
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the presence of from to per cent. I accordingly precipitated the
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anaemia although not to be compared with that found in
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Etiology. Thu chief cause of these local diseases which
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are to be held annually at Berlin from the th to the
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which were often observed scattered hemorrhages and at times


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