symptoms diagnosis prognosis and treatment. McKisack.

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higher types of apes. Dilutions of the anti human serum of

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with tubercle bacilli the object in both cases being to avoid any

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Council of the New Jersey Obstetrical and Gynecological

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work people to wear on their chests a small open mouthed bottle or

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for wanting to join. It is the goal of the Undergraduate Academy to

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vertible into urea or whether it must tirst become organ

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that is the growing tendency to the belief that the pneu

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hidden beneath and away from the cicatrix. From a va

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and cauterized. The cecum at its base was sutured to the

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malleolus oblique laterally and V shaped in the tibia with a

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bladder. The instrument being introduced and the jaws of the litho

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creatitis was frequently if not in most instances the

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solution is imperative. Carbolic acid should however not be used.

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the rectus were quite evident. The edge of this ulcer was under

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hole is burned through the cap into the glass neck. The open end

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possess something more than mere entertaining qualities. One soon

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Encysted tendency to the formation of adipose tumours.

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left through which the part to be utilized in the closure

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be the only one who can properly determine the indications for it

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tion for the operation. The ligaments elongate in pregnancy

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and oil immersion lenses has added materially to our knowledge

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of silver sutures passed through and through the neck of

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afterward while the other cases in which the pancreas was merely

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and the pyramids of the medulla show no degeneration. I am in

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has collected in which operation had been resorted to found

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in one of the small bottles of the differential manometer shown in Fig.

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the surface where it finally projects to the exterior in the


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