know that several deaths had occurred from the disease
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It is of the belief that the State Medical Society has
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striction is impossible or cruel. The dosage of opium and its
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tients totter and are unable to hold themselves erect, or, when lying in
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ities were found flattened ; there was deep-seated fluctuation on the
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from the meninges may extend directly into the eye along the pia-arach-
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taking manner." A physician, called in by outsiders^
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army and navy medical officers regarding the recom-
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Bai illus. and with another ISacilliis (H. subtilis?)." Octo-
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1. Grossman Ml: Scand J Gastroenterol S8 (suppi 15): 7-1 6, 1980.
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geon like Dr. Long it is a great temptation to do some surgery, and I
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Another reason for the increase of varioloid amon«j: thv»-i' wh-i luvi;
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improving, and I wished to ascertain the amount of morphine
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the common enemy. The analogy between the soldier and the doctor
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spicuous symptoms, and the pulse became more rapid and
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sion and more liberal views, would vigorously resent.
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dressings ; we may even have to resort to so-called antiseptic
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furosemide (lasix) uses
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oil, aud small doses of opium were given to alleviat
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by on occasional patient's query . . . "Hey, Doc, who
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systolic or regurgitant murmur can be pre-systolic in the time of its occur-
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on traction of the muscles of the face on the affected side is an
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itself may be attacked, or merely the investing membranes ; and
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pounds, and the fluid weighed over forty pounds^ making the total
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fresh foci of infection are established, which may remain isolated or
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ligaments. Whether this attitude is voluntarily assumed
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be heartily pleased if they become and continue more favorable; but
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Hackler, R. H., Washington; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1926 1926 1928
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size of the second wave. Therefore in Bright's disease, aortic disease, and
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afford to lay out money on specimens and apparatus. Xot that
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