narrow perforation ; the lower surface of the left side, close to the free
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good health, with the single exception of these attacks. He was ad-
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the perinseum where it could be most distinctly felt. A longitudinal
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phies we have recently been called upon to write, was a Scotchman.
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especially in the thickness of the septum and of the wall of the left
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and no paralj-sis of the penis or other organs. The rapid diminu-
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the commencement of the ventricular diastole. But in relation to the
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generally escape, or are pushed aside, sensation is less frequently
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the like. Voluntary effort has already shown, by its success in London,
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it made and the apparent helplessness of the physi-
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held, nor, we believe, ever sought, any appointment in our large
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general medical and botanical subjects. He was quick
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treatment of ulcers, abscesses, etc. But for ages there had been per-
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noisy persecutor was propagating utterly fictitious news at the top of
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ful sovereign, was charged, in his trial for high treason,
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Although such a tone was not adopted, and would, indeed, have been sadly out
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to cold, have been frequently recorded ; but no very satisfactory ex-
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This was an instance of tubal nephritis, of a subacute type, but in-
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in strength and beauty whenever the one sex is deprived of the influence
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Inoculation with Bovine Tiiherculosis. — We were not content to
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five inches in length was made over the left inguinal ring, the small
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left ear was in a state of chronic catarrh, the membrana tympani drawn
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cardiac disease, or of profuse perspiration ; or we may have a large bulk
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it into simple figures. Of 27 cases affected with endocarditis, the joints
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These district meetings gave the opportunity of gathering from the
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the existence of tuberculous lesions, and bacteriological examination
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of patients. Within the hospitals, they will be placed in the wards of
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a body of timid practitioners like the English apothecaries prior
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State on Examination. — The patient was prostrate ; the mucous
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logue. Adequate space and the necessary fittings for properly exhibit-
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great interest. In such cases, where the unhappy combination of a


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