H. C. Dalling and A. C. Kolls. The relation between the

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the fourth year; and by Dr. Dunton at the Sheppard and

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plete relaxation in (14 seconds. No resistance. Ether.

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May 10, 1904, aged 72 years. He was a distinguished author and

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words, tulip, daisy, poppy, pansy, lily and holly, stand low on the

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disappointment to the editor that he was not able to be present,

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above preliminary remarks on adrenalin chloride as a general

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analysis of 250 cases in private practice. — Journal of the Amer-

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a commission of experts to be insane. Yet she was admitted.

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the gift, with the understanding and declaration, however, that

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Education. Medical teaching of senior students, 46; the teaching of

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ous antiseptics to the nipples are prophylactic to lacteal duct infection.

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total instances of intracranial tumors, it will be seen that this form

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Doctors of Medicine of the Johns Hopkins University 167

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Hopkins Hospital, 1909-1912 ; Assistant and Instructor in Obstetrics, Johns

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to the very full description of several operations demised by the

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November 2, 1903, and closes May 28, 1904. Physicians will find

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tuberculosis on renal function. — American Review of Tubercu-

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II. Lecture or Clinic. Dr. Crowe, Wednesday, 3.30 to

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ment would always insure immediate attention to neglected

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to procure the most advanced medical education for women, the

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William A. Fisher, M. D., Instructor in Clinical Surgery.

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most preferable means of combating the exhaustion and enfeeble-

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neurofibrils suggestive of possible early stage in Alzheimer's degeneration.

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and reagents, the use of a dark room, access to polariscopes and

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up to 1-20 grain thrice daily, for several months pre-

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\appear pathological unless they are followed by amnesia when we

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at Laredo. A greater hero never lived than the veteran Murray, who

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that, whether we will or not, theory and inductive philosophy

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Vesical drainage. Historical review and presentation of a new

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