bowel. In doubtful cases I have found pyelo radiography of value
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quently occurs when first coming from the nest. The cough
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brought together by a single suture a catheter intro
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nosis could be made. Acute endocarditis without valvular lesion
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other measures in conjunction with this drug in Barker s opinion
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of the essence of epilepsy f r chorea when wc sec complete recovery
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everywhere hard or at most became indistinctly softened or to
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structing that part of our present system which is antiquated and
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first class will be sent from the office of the Surgeon General. Those
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and skull radiographs are normal an office note that spec
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do not subside sufficiently. Two or three injections are generally
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ciliary ganglion. At this stage of development however the cil
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showing ureter double for a portion of its length on one
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on genetic clues when evaluating patients and their fam
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special interest which he would relate He was called
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highest point. The body may remain motionless in some
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pected to respond to such temporary relief as artificial respiration would
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In addition to the above one scholarship is given annually for che
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cumulation of the fenforial power of aflbciation in the heart and
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for the medical personnel on hand. Accordingly additional medical
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a male aged had acute rheumatism seven years ago. He has
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