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and a suitable draught given to prevent its recurrence. A

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Norwich is to have its Hospital Sunday on the th of November

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sarcoma and recurrent adenoma of the corpus uteri in

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formation of the glomcrtilar capsules in five cases and new formation

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globin is passed with the urine and icterus sets in at the same

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pinna appears to suffer very rarely. If the external meatus be not

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Finally it would appear that the Wassermann reaction will eventually

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in suppuration of all the structures. A lighter form

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veratrum viride gelsemium and tartar emetic. These sedatives

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What the conditions are that produce rigidity during anaes

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to speak tersely on the salient points of this most impor

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tables set forth the actual figures on which the above percentages are based.

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advised that iridectomy was the only thing left that offered much

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loid cancer with or without hsomorrhagic foci. Histological examination

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and products of putrefaction collected upon or under the sur

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We have found this remedy in some obstinate cases of gonor

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solution one tenth per cent. the residue of the secre

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or two days calomel in doses of one grain may be re

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fodder during mastication. It has been calculated that out of the many

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cedented disaster and dimensions will probably have cause to think

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to wear the spectacles as close to the eyes as possible in

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fixed point a kind of demonstration and an amount of certainty

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bilitated with hard Study or whofe Stomachs are loaded with

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nected with the prostate gland. Frequently we find a

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the fame caufe that the increafed perlpiration lands on the fur

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of the blood in the lungs and not being a mere com

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with irritating i articlcs of smoke the condition is eminently

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in Sharon. But his attention was soon diverted to business pur

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has been raised in the state until recently no cottonseed oil

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gynoecologists are setting us an example in this respect.

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them being Durande s method turpentine and ether but so far all


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